70-642 Sample Question

Question No:1

Your company has a main office and a branch office.Users in the branch office report that they are unable to access shared resources in the main office. You discover that computers in the branch office have IP addresses in the range of 169.254.x.x. You need to ensure that computers can connect to shared resources in both the main office and the branch office. What should you do?
A. Configure a DHCP relay agent on a member server in the main office.
B. Configure a DHCP relay agent on a member server in the branch office.
C. Configure the Broadcast Address DHCP server option to include the main offices DHCP server address.
D. Configure the Resource Location Servers DHCP server option to include the main offices server IP addresses.

Answer: B

Question No:2

Your company has an IPv6 network that has 25 segments. You deploy a server on the IPv6 network. You need to ensure that the server can communicate with all segments on the IPv6 network. What should you do?

A. Configure the IPv6 address as fd00::2b0:d0ff:fee9:4143/8.
B. Configure the IPv6 address as fe80::2b0:d0ff:fee9:4143/64.
C. Configure the IPv6 address as ff80::2b0:d0ff:fee9:4143/64.
D. Configure the IPv6 address as 0000::2b0:d0ff:fee9:4143/64.

Answer: A

Question No:3

Your company uses DHCP to lease IPv4 addresses to computers at the main office. A WAN link connects the main office to a branch office. All computers in the branch office are configured with static IP addresses. The branch office does not use DHCP and uses a different subnet. You need to ensure that the portable computers can connect to network resources at the main office and the branch office.
How should you configure each portable computer?

A. Use a static IPv4 address in the range used at the branch office.
B. Use an alternate configuration that contains a static IP address in the range used at the main office.
C. Use the address that was assigned by the DHCP server as a static IP address.
D. Use an alternate configuration that contains a static IP address in the range used at the branch office.

Answer: D

IT Announces Microsoft Lync Now on WES7 Thin Clients

IT, today announced its support for the ‘ implementation of Microsoft Unified Communications, Lync, the thin client running Lenovo ThinkCentre M32 WES7.

“Advances in technology have developed dramatically and now supports thin client applications in thin client devices unified communications experience for end-users more advanced, president : “This is a prime example of how the virtual desktop solutions are giving users more of a desktop PC experience . ”

This new feature will allow the application Lync clients with Lenovo Thin Client VDI deploy Lync investments , including instant messaging, presence , conferencing and enterprise voice and video as part of its strategy for ‘ end to end . This plug-in application Lync allows you to use any USB-certified Lync audio and video device and redirects traffic from voice and video directly on the thin client desktop virtualized running the application locally. The combination of both plug-in applications and Microsoft RemoteFX (RDP 8) involves the ‘ use of communication bandwidth to less than optimal experience.

For businesses that require constant communication between the internal and external contacts Microsoft Lync allows desktop users to easily communicate with anyone on the contact from Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft ebook Exchange Server. Capabilities of Microsoft Lync include:

  • Audio and video originate on the Thin Client and offloads encoding and decoding of media to the Thin Client to make the solution more scalable.
  • Desktop sharing makes giving presentations to many different offices and locations simple.
  • Document collaboration which allows participants to share documents and see when people add text, drawings and annotations; similar to Google Documents feature.
  • Windows applications sharing to allow collaboration on a specific application.
  • Join meetings from your office or on the road with a single click, no need to dial-in or remember meeting passcodes.

One of the best features that MS Lync has to offer is the ability to sync your contacts in Outlook and Outlook Web App not only the contacts sync, but sync your contact preferences and to recognize changes in contact paper. For example, if you create a contact as a favorite, Lync store the contact in the favorite’s folder too. Microsoft exam dumps Lync goes beyond other unified communications applications such as instant messaging and Skype, and has many features to provide a platform for high-tech communication.

Pricing and Availability

For more information about Lenovo thin client solutions or product details please contact Patrick Minnick, Lenovo


One of the major information technology software offers thin client hardware and virtual desktop solutions company. The products offer users in various industries and environments greater IT security, improved handling, greater reliability and lower costs. Devon IT is also the creator of the software suite patent pending VDI Blaster ™ that transforms PCs with hard disks of virtual desktops and laptops SAFEBOOK innovative lightweight ® client. The company is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, with offices in London, Shanghai and Bangalore.

Completes Qualification With Microsoft Lync and Chosen as Depth Partner

a leader in the development of network monitoring and management software for IP voice, video,

advanced applications for the Unified Communications (UC) industry, today announced that the company’s application is Qualified with Microsoft Lync and has also been chosen as a Depth Partner in the Lync Software Defined Networking (SDN) API program.

MCAD.Net Certification

CMP and CEM (Cloud Experience Manager) deliver the one/two punch to ensure the highest quality Microsoft Lync deployment and experience. Building upon CEM’s year of success,brings new value to Microsoft Lync customers and furthers its capabilities with the Lync SDN API.The earliest prototypes of technology focused on enhancing the Lync experience and intends to have its commercial-ready products and enhancements delivered simultaneous with Microsoft’s official releases of the solution.

“We are very pleased has chosen to become a Depth Partner in the Lync SDN program,” commented Pascal Menezes, Principal Program Manager of Microsoft. ” brings deep technical expertise and experience in the field of UC service assurance monitoring.Cloud Experience Manager (CEM), part of their Converged Management Platform (CMP) is a very powerful Lync monitoring solution; which has the ability to take real-time performance monitoring of Lync deployments to a new level.” Menezes further stated, ” solution was qualified by Microsoft as being fully interoperable with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and 2013, and is also the first solution to be fully compatible with the Lync SDN API.”

“This is a very significant milestone and achievement,” said David Giangano, CEO. “The CMP suite of solutions, along with Microsoft Lync Certification, delivers unique value and capabilities; greatly benefiting our channel partners and customers.” Giangano added, “Participating as a Depth Partner in the Lync SDN program provides the ability to focus on a great customer experience and align our Microsoft dump development roadmap further improving CMP and CEM.”

Cloud Experience Manager (CEM), as part of its Converged Management Platform (CMP) solution, provides comprehensive insight into network issues for fast problem resolution which results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).The first network monitoring and service assurance provider to have been successfully tested, qualified and deployed with the Microsoft Lync SDN API.Tight integration, advanced correlation and deep forensic monitoring using the real-time service assurance API, enables root-cause analysis, identification and resolution in just a few clicks, without the need for traditional costly probes.  reduce problem resolution time by more than 70% when compared to standard network assurance tools.

MCAD.Net Dumps

Optimizes Lync UC service management and the user’s experience with:

  • Automatic correlation of all IP network session, content and topology data — capturing the entire “end-to-end” Lync experience
  • Accurate root cause analysis identifies the “needle in the haystack” in just a few clicks
  • Real-time and historic trending and reporting for greater predictability


Business value by developing innovative solutions that arm IT organizations with actionable information that helps them adapt to change, manage complexity, and delivers quantifiable ROI and BI reporting.

Our flagship CMP offering improves service delivery across integrated voice, data, video and application solutions by providing critical performance information to executives and technical resources. Armed with this knowledge, companies now have the foundation to align IT initiatives with business objectives, and to transform their infrastructure and free up critical resources.

MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) Certification

MCAD Description:

The course Microsoft Certified Application Developer for. NET (MCAD.NET) is for professionals who want to design and develop powerful new business applications using Visual Studio.NET and Web services.You will be the creation of applications on the Windows platform, the implementation and maintenance of applications. The MCAD certification demonstrate individual skills and knowledge in the implementation of the functional specification, build, deploy and manage Web applications and Windows.

MCAD Certification Exam:

  • 70–305    Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • 70-431     Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance
  • 70–310    Developing XML Web Services and Server Components

MCAD Course Contents:

1. Exam 70-305: Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

2. Creating User Services
Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET• .NET Platform Technologies• Visual Studio .NET

• Building Block Services

• .NET Alerts

• .NET Passport

• .NET Enterprise Servers

• .NET Framework

.NET Framework and its Components

• Common Language Runtime (CLR)

• Base Class Library (BCL)

• Namespaces

• .NET Framework Languages

• Common Language Specification (CLS)

• Common Type System (CTS)

• Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)

• Compiling Source into managed modules

• Structure of managed module.

• What is Metadata?

Create ASP.NET pages.• set directives on ASP.NET pages• user interface

Web server controls, HTML server controls, user controls, and HTML code to ASP.NET pages.

• Create Web custom controls and Web user controls

• Set properties on controls.

• Load controls dynamically.

• Apply templates.

• Set styles on ASP.NET pages by using cascading style sheets.

• Instantiate and invoke an ActiveX control.

3. Implement navigation for the user interhjjhface 4. Implement online user assistance
• view state.• Postback events.• Use session state.

Validate user input.

• Validate non-Latin user input.

Implement error handling in the user interface.

• Configure custom error pages.

• Implement Global.asax, application, page-level, and page event error handling.

• Incorporate existing code into ASP.NET pages.• Display and update data.• Instantiate and invoke Web services or components.

• Implement globalization.

Handle events.

• Create event handlers.

• Raise events.

Implement accessibility features.

Use and edit intrinsic objects. Intrinsic objects include response, request, session, server, and application.

• Retrieve values from the properties of intrinsic objects.

• Set values on the properties of intrinsic objects.

• Use intrinsic objects to perform operations.

5.Creating and Managing Components and .NET Assemblies 6. Testing and Debugging
• Create and modify a .NET assembly.• Create and implement satellite assemblies.• Create resource-only assemblies.

Consuming and Manipulating Data

• Access and manipulate data from a Microsoft SQL Server database by creating and using ad hoc queries and stored procedures.

• Access and manipulate data from a data store. Data stores include relational databases, XML documents, and flat files. Methods include XML techniques and ADO.NET.

• Handle data errors

• Create a unit test plan.• Implement tracing.• Debug, rework, and resolve defects in code.

Deploying a Web Application

• Plan the deployment of a Web application.

• Create a setup program that installs a Web application and allows for the application to be uninstalled.

• Deploy a Web application.

• Add assemblies to the global assembly cache.

Maintaining and Supporting a Web Application

• Optimize the performance of a Web application.

• Diagnose and resolve errors and issues.

7. Configuring and Securing a Web Application 8..Configure and implement caching
Configure a Web application
• Modify the Web.config file.
• Modify the Machine.config file.
• Add and modify application settings.Configure security for a Web application.
• Configure authorization. Authorization methods include file-based methods and URL-based methods.
• Configure role-based authorization. Implement impersonation.
Caching types include output, fragment, and data.• Use a cache object.• Use cache directives.

Configure and implement session state in various topologies such as a Web garden and a Web farm.

• Use session state within a process.

• Use session state with session state service.

• Use session state with Microsoft SQL Server.

Install and configure server services.

• Install and configure a Web server.

• Install and configure Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions.

9. Exam 70-431 Microsoft SQL Server 2005—Implementation and Maintenance 10..Use XML-related features in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Create databases and database files.• Create databases.• Create filegroups.

• Create schemas.

• Create database snapshots.

Create data types and tables.

• Creating Data Types.

• Creating Tables.

• Creating Partitioned Tables.

• Retrieving XML by Using FOR XML.• Shredding XML by Using OPENXML.• Using the xml Data Type.

• Mapping Relational Data and XML.

• Storing XML Natively in the Database.

Plan, create, and optimize indexes.

• Planning Indexes.

• Creating Indexes.

• Optimizing Indexes.

• Creating XML Indexes.

11.Implement data integrity in Microsoft SQL 12.Implement managed code in the database
Server 2005 databases by using constraints, triggers, and XML schemas.• Creating Constraints.• Creating Triggers.

• Implementing XML Schemas.

Implement views.

• Creating Views.

• Creating Indexed Views.

• Creating Partitioned Views.

Implement stored procedures and functions.

• Creating Stored Procedures.

• Creating Functions.

• Creating Managed Database Objects.Use Service Broker to build a messaging-based solution.• Creating Service Broker Objects.

• Implementing the Initiating Service.

• Implementing the Target Service.

Install and configure SQL Server 2005.

• Preparing to install SQL Server.

• Installing SQL Server.

• Managing a SQL Server 2005 Installation.

13. Manage database files 14. Implement managed code in the database
• Planning databases.• Creating databases.• Managing databases.

Manage security.

• Overview of SQL Server Security.

• Securing the Server Scope.

• Securing the Database Scope.

• Managing Keys and Certificates in SQL Server.

• Creating Logins.

• Creating and Managing Users.

• Configuring the SQL Server Agent.• Creating Operators and Jobs.• Creating Alerts.

Automating Administrative Tasks

• Automating Administrative Tasks in SQL Server 2005.

• Configuring the SQL Server Agent.

• Creating Jobs and Operators.

• Creating Alerts.

• Managing Multiple Servers.

• Managing SQL Server Agent Security

15. Configuring Database Mirroring 16. Monitor SQL Server
• Setting the Recovery Model.• Backing Up and Restoring the Database.• Starting Database Mirroring.

• Performing an Automatic and Manual Failover.

Database Backup Recovery

• Back up databases.

• Restore databases.

• Viewing Current Activity.• Using System Monitor.• Using SQL Server Profiler.

• Using DDL Triggers.

• Using Event Notifications.

17. Transfer data 18. Introduction to Replication
• Create an SSIS Package.• Deploying an SSIS Package. • Overview of Replication.• Replication Scenarios.• Creating a Publication.

• Creating a Subscription.

19. Exam 70-310: Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework 20. Microsoft .NET Framework and XML
Introduction to XML and Related Technologies• Introduction of XML• Features of XML

• W3C Recommendation

• Exchange Data

• Complement with existing standards

• Separation of Data and Presentation

• Integration between Non Compatible Systems

• XML and B2B

• Software, Hardware, Technology, Device Independent

• Data Storage

• Human Understandable Format

• Create New Languages

• Difference between XML and HTML

• Basic Overview of XML Related Technologies

• Presentation Technologies


• Validation Technologies

• DTD, XML Schema

• Transforming Technologies


• Other Technologies

• XPath, XQuery, XLink

• XML Web Services


• Writing XML Documents

• XML Document Components

• Comments

• Declaration or Processing Instruction

• Root Element

• Nested Elements

• Template Dat

• Empty Elements

• Attributes

• Well formed XML Document

• Displaying Well Formed XML Document in Browser

• Microsoft .NET Platform• .NET Platform Technologies• Visual Studio .NET

• .NET Building Block Services

• .NET Enterprise Servers

• .NET Framework

• Overview of .NET Framework

• .NET Framework Components

• Common Language Runtime (CLR)

• Base Class Library (BCL)

• .NET Framework Languages

• Common Language Specification (CLS)

• Common Type Specification (CTS)

• Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)

• Managed Modules and metadata

• .NET Assemblies

• Structure of .NET Assembly and Assembly Manifest

• Creating .NET Assemblies

• Types of .NET Assemblies

• Private Assemblies

• Public or Shared Assemblies

• Strong Name Assemblies

• Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

• Registration of Assemblies in Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

• Role of XML in .NET

• Working with XML Files in .NET

• Reading and Writing XML Files in .NET

• Working with XML and DataSets

21. Microsoft .NET and XML Web Services 22. Lecture 4: Microsoft .NET and Window Services
• Overview of Service Oriented Architecture• Understanding XML Web Services• Communication between client and xml web service

• Searching Web Service Providers (UDDI)

• Discovering Web Service (DISCO)

• Describing Web Services Capabilities (WSDL)

• Describing Web Service Data (XML)

• Format of Communication (SOAP)

• Creating XML Web Service

• Creating XML Web Methods

• Discovering XML Web Service

• Publishing XML Web Services

• Publishing XML Web Service

• Adding Web Reference for XML Web Service

• Generating Proxy Class

• Accessing Web Services using Proxy Object

• Calling the methods exposed by XML Web Service

• Creating Web Client of XML Web Services

• Creating Windows Client of XML Web Services

• Advance XML Web Services Programming

• Overview of .NET Windows Services• Service Application• Service Controller Application

• Service Control Application

• Difference between Windows Services and Other .NET Applications

• Creating Windows Service Application

• Changing the Default Properties of Windows Service Application

• Adding Functionality to a Service Application

• Handling Events in window service

• Logging Information from window service

• Overview of Installers

• Installing window services

• Adding Installers to window service

• Managing Windows Services

23. Database Programming using ADO.NET 24. Database Programming using ADO.NET
• Overview of ADO.NET• Architecture of ADO.NET• Data Sources, Data Providers, DataSets

• ADO.NET Connected Architecture

• Using ADO.NET Data Providers

• Accessing and Manipulating Data in .NET Applications• ADO.NET Discontented Architecture• Using ADO.NET DataSet Object
25. Microsoft .NET Remoting 26. Microsoft .NET Remoting
• Overview of .NET Remoting• Accessing Objects outside Remoting boundaries• Microsoft .NET Remoting Architecture

• Types of Remoting Objects

• Creating Server Activated Remoting objects

Microsoft MCAD.NET Certification

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Microsoft 70-310 Exam Sheets Questions

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70-310 Exam Sheets Questions

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70-310 questions and answers

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 Microsoft 70-310 study materials

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70-310 exam

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Microsoft MCSE Certification-CED Solutions


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